RANGEFINDER HOLSTERレンジファインダーホルスター Foliage

¥3,630 (税込) 選択カラーにより価格が変わります

Whether sending an arrow or round down range, it’s imperative to accurately range your objective. The RANGE FINDER HOLSTER ensures this task is performed with ease

カラー :
foliage coyote

Built Worldwide
Built worldwide

Precision shot placement on your quarry requires a trusted rangefinder.

This RANGEFINDER HOLSTER silently cradles your invaluable tool with one-handed operational functionality. When the moment of truth presents itself, count on this holster to perform in any environment. Constructed to contain and deploy a universal rangefinder unit size and securely stay attached to your pack’s shoulder strap or waist belt.



  • Padded across top and bottom
  • Durable stretch woven sides to ease the in and out of wider range finders
  • Adjustable elastic closure with easy to grab pull tab
  • Adjustable closure will fit range finders between 4" and 5" tall and 1.5"(deep) x 2.5"(wide)
  • Single row Multi-tach (multiple attach, just a working name) lets the holster attach to MOLLE, a shoulder pad, bino harness, or on to a belt
  • Double lash points for a range finder


  • 500D CORDURA® fabric
  • YKK® zippers



  • 重量:0.1kg
  • 3辺サイズ:13㎝x9cmx4cm